Our Coffee Blends

A Blend for Every Lifestyle!

Moxie Java offers over two-dozen different blends for sale. Click here to check out and purchase our blends. In addition, your neighborhood may offer several other blends at any given time. If there’s a particular blend you love but don’t it see for sale in our website, let us know. We’ll fix you up with your faves.

It’s All in the Roast

Moxie Java sources coffee beans from all over the world, offering a wide variety of coffee roasts from mild to kick-ass. We use the standard variables to make different blends: bean origin, blend, and time and temp of roast. But to get to our unique quality of bold and flavorful roasts without the harshness, bitterness or burned characteristic of most coffee, we have a secret weapon – the air roaster.

In 1975, Michael Sivetz invented and patented an improved method for roasting coffee beans. Unlike the drum roaster, which, frankly is a poor way to transfer heat to a green coffee bean, the Sivetz roasters uses superheated air to produce a brighter, cleaner, improved tasting and more aromatic coffee bean. We welcome you to drop by our roaster anytime to see this deceptively simple yet highly effective roasting system for yourself!

Not to brag too much, but Moxie Java is the only HACCP-certified coffee roaster in Idaho (it’s a big deal – look it up!)

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Katarina Witt, Olympic Gold Medalist