Our Master Roaster

Meet Our Master Roaster

Say hi to Stephanie, the newest member of the Moxie Java team. Stephanie comes to us from comes to us from Millcreek Coffee in Salt Lake City, where she was Master Roaster as well. Particularly suited for a company with the term ‘moxie’ in its name, we like to think of Stephanie as roasting superhero – mild-mannered coffee expert during the week, with a secret weekend identify as a big outdoor enthusiast, with a particular love of Idaho’s wildest rivers. Whether its developing a great new blend of roasted coffee or taking on some very serious rapids – ya don’t wanna compete with Steph!

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You don’t even really need a place. But you feel like you’re doing something. That is what coffee is. And that is one of the geniuses of the new coffee culture.

Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian